For that once in a blue moon, I feel alive again. I am unsure, uncertain, what my future would bring, but if the past months are a testament for things to come, this is a beginning of a wonderful adventure.This is now my third month into my new job as a writer for Flipbizz @ Big Centure. I foresee the coming of age of something unique. Something special. Since last April, I had the pleasure of meeting some of the most beautiful people anyone would ever meet in their lives.Beautiful in what sense, you may ask? Passionate people who care for others. Forward thinking people whose measure of success are defined beyond monetary wealth, in making a difference in other people’s lives. Empowering each other to a common vision.The foundations are in the Big Centure office. My colleagues are the most diverse and balanced you will seldom see for a ten plus member team in terms of race, gender, religion, and so forth. Each with her or his own strengths to offer for the betterment of the team.

This translates nicely into the grand work we are doing. Bringing in diversity and balance into our business networking platform.Individuals with different strengths coming together.A humanized tech platform where we learn from each other with different upbringings, traditions and backgrounds.In the process, we edify ourselves. As we grow, we are solidified by strength of numbers in connections.Off the platform, I manage to meet many of these talented people during Flipbizz events.We often allow negativity rule us and feed our minds with the unhealthy. So it is an amazing change to have people inspiring a fountain of new ideas, making the introvert in me feel excited.I am truly looking forward for what is to come in the following months, and hopefully years.

While people around us are always complaining about problems, in the Flipbizz community, we will get to know many people that offer solutions.This is my first entry chronicling my journey here. I am Vivienne Choe, Creative Copywriter for Flipbizz, and Big Centure.

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