Flipbizz Basic

Business circle in Flipbizz that  are working closely with you.


  1. What is Circle

-The pool of people that are working closely with you either as business or working professionally with you.

  1. What is “Circle Tier” means?
    -The level of your circle in flipbizz. This is used to measure the number of people   in your circle whether they are directly in your circle or indirectly. This also will determine the percentage of rewards you will received. For more info, see Getting started->Cash rewards.
  1. What is “Profession circle”?
    -The people working professionally together with you



4. What is “Business Circle”?

-The people that working together with you that you regard as business associates.



5. What can you gain from circle?

– Flipbizz helps you to build better circle for pitching ideas and expand your business   with trusted associates to close more deals, win pitches and much more