Frequently Asked Questions

1. I don’t have a business yet. Why would I want to join? What’s in it for me?

FLIPBIZZ is an excellent platform to join if you plan to start your own business in future, or have a business idea and are looking for potential partnerships. You may begin by subscribing to Profession Circle and start making connections with like-minded people, all conveniently done through FLIPBIZZ app. This is also a great opportunity to allow your professional skills, experience and services to be known, especially if you are seeking part-time job opportunities. This will be beneficial for your own career path or future business initiatives. Join the circle today – be a FLIPBIZZER to build your network, receive business education, and enjoy rewards using FLIPBIZZ and Active Points.

2. I’ve already joined other business network platforms. Why do I need this one?

FLIPBIZZ is a unique business networking model that integrates the 'word-of-mouth' practice with a digital platform. Sharing of business and company profiles published in this platform is made easy and effective with our 1+5 Circle structure, which is designed to increase your profile exposure by 5 times! This is especially important for small and emerging projects, as it helps increase your profile visibility quickly and expand your business network exponentially.   FLIPBIZZ also makes it easier for your business associates to endorse your business. This will not only help you acquire trusted business referrals, but also boost new clients’ confidence in your company and business. Such an exclusive, harmonious and supportive business networking community is made available to you at an affordable cost. So join in and start your circle today!

3. Besides the monthly subscription fee, do I need to pay any other additional fees?

FLIPBIZZ monthly subscription fees are subject to 6% GST. Therefore, one will pay RM53/month for one Profession Circle and/or RM159/month for one Business Circle.

1. I’m a very busy businessman. I have no time for networking.

Digital networking is made fast and easy with FLIPBIZZ app. You can do it anytime, anywhere. Just login to your account, share advertisements from your Business Circle, and provide simple review to businesses. All it takes is less than 10 minutes of your time every day – you can explore potential business opportunities for yourself, and at the same time support your business associates and their spin-offs by improving their visibility.

2. I have multiple businesses. Do I have to sign up for multiple Business Circle subscriptions?

Yes. One (1) Business Circle subscription is valid for ONLY ONE (1) FLIPBIZZ business category. If you have multiple types of business, or if your company runs different categories of business, each business will require its individual Business Circle subscription.

3. Can I transfer my Business Circle to another person?

The Business Circle ‘ownership’ is transferable to a family member only. You are required to follow our standard transfer procedure (which include providing the necessary supporting documents) to ensure a rightful handover of both your business profile and network. Please contact us for more information and assistance in this matter.

4. Must I build my circle (profession or business)? Is there a time frame?

Building your Profession or Business Circle is essential for your profile visibility. While this is not compulsory and there is no time limit to complete your circle, do remember that: the sooner you complete a circle (1+5), the sooner you’ll get to enjoy free subscription. For Business Circle subscribers, don’t forget that you’ll also receive rebates and FLIPBIZZ point for gift redemption as you build your circle. For more information on FLIPBIZZ rebates and rewards, please refer to our Terms & Conditions.

5. How will it affect me if the members of my circle are not building their circles?

No, it won’t affect you. It’s entirely up each FLIPBIZZER, be it of Profession or Business Circle, to collect his or her minimum monthly Active Point (500 points). As long as you perform your daily networking activities via the app, your network will continue to grow and expand over time.

6. What will happen if I don’t acquire my minimum monthly Active Point?

Active Point can be converted to Bizz Point to redeem for advertisement space (for Business Circle only) and gifts. If you don’t achieve the minimum monthly Active Point, you won’t be entitled to the rewards generated from your spin-off circles. You also won’t be able to redeem for advertisement space or use our gift shop services. For further information, please refer to our Terms and Conditions Active Point Policy.

7. Do I have to contribute a percentage of my business profit generated through my Business Circle?

No, you don’t have to contribute any of your business profit to FLIPBIZZ. However, you may choose to contribute your rebates to give back to society through our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. If you’re interested in our CSR program, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

8. I’m not mobile technology savvy. I’m afraid I don’t know how to use the app.

Our app is user friendly, and we have a customer support team that will provide guidance and assistance should you need help on using the app. If you are a Business Circle FLIPBIZZER, you’ll have the option to assign an editor to help you manage your business circle and advertisement. You may also want to participate in our offline business networking section, so that you can learn more about the app and how to use it effectively to promote your business.

9. Do I have to attend any physical networking event or meet-up?

From time to time we will organise different business events at our centre. You may choose to attend and participate in the ones you like. Follow us on Facebook to receive first-hand updates on the latest events.

1. If I decided that this is not for me, can I cancel my subscription any time?

FLIPBIZZ subscription is not bound by a contract; you may cancel your subscription any time. You’ll be charged until 28th of the month your subscription is cancelled. To cancel subscription, just contact, or call us at 03-2856 8338. Make sure you utilise your Active Point for gift redemption before your subscription is deactivated. For more information, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

1. How do you ensure the credibility of the subscribers in this platform? Is there an evaluation system in place?

All subscribers are required to submit their valid documentation for verification upon signing up. This will help us ensure the credibility of FLIPBIZZERS in this platform. Rest assured that FLIPBIZZ is a healthy business networking platform for entrepreneurs and businesses, as all FLIPBIZZERS and businesses here are enrolled via recommendations or referrals from business associates.