Getting Started


1.What do I do if i forget my password?

Log in via linked email address + SMS Verification Code

1) Tap “Forgot Password?”

2) Key-in your email address associated with your flipbizz  account

3) Your Flipbizz account verification code will be send to your mobile number and your email that associated to your flipbizz account.

4) Now, key-in verification number sent to your mobile number and set a new password for your flipbizz account and click next.

5) A pop-up message will displayed informing you that your “password update is successful.”

6) Login to flipbizz by the flow: enter your email address and new flipbizz password -> Log in」

  1. What should I do if my log-in attempted failed even with correct log-in email and password?

Troubleshoot using the following steps.

  1. Use the latest version of Flipbizz.

Download the latest version of flipbizz from the download page:

  1. Clear your cache.

If you have the latest version, try clearing your network cache by turning off your device. After 5-10 minutes, turn your device back on and try logging in to Flipbizz again.

  1. Check your connection.

Make sure that your network access point (Wi-Fi or data connection) is available. You must be connected to Wi-Fi or your data to log in to Flipbizz.

Flipbizz FB/FBB ID


  1. FB ID

You have FB ID as soon as you sign-up for Flipbizz but it will only visible to you if you’re a Professional Circle Subscriber.

  1. FBB ID

You have FBB ID only if you subscribed in “Business Circle”.

  1. What is FB/FBB Code and How to use them?

It is a referral code that you will give to your friends to join your professional circle/business circle.

Active point

1.What is the function of active point?

A point to use to measure your participation on flipbizz.

2.why active point disappear

Every member can only earn maximum of 600 point (maximum amount) every month. It will be refresh on the 28th of every month. Member that achieved the maximum amount, the active point will be converted to 600 point of bizz point.

Table below shows the amount of active points you received when you do certain action.

Points Action
10 Login to flipbizz
30 Shared a Business Profile to Friend
30 Favorite a Business That potentially benefited user
30 Make a review on Business that they had engaged
30 Shared a Member Profile to a Friend
30 Share an Event to Friend
30 Shared an Offer to Friend

Member Website

  1. Where can i view my Circle Tree?

You may view your circle/member website by opening your personal page in flipbizz. Below the summarization about yourself, there are icon “view circle here”. Click on it. It will then direct you to Member webpage. You may login to your account using your email that you used to create the flipbizz with the same password.

  1. What is it for?

To view your circle member.

Vip Member

    1. What is VIP?

VIP are those Flipbizz subscriber that achieved Tier 2 on their Circle Status.

  1. How to achieve it?

Based on the data from the table above, to qualify to Tier 1 of the Circle, one must have 600 points of personal active point. To be qualified to Tier 2, one must have 600 points active point and together with five other member (each person must have 600 active point personally). Together, they are qualified for Tier 2 (VIP Member) with total of group point more or equivalent to 3600 points.